About HP-F

HPF are Australia’s largest performance vehicle workshop and have been operating in Dandenong, Victoria for over 45 years. Specialising in late model performance vehicles from Holden, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi and many European performance vehicles, HPF are a one stop shop for any performance upgrades.

HPF are firm believers in only offering the best quality parts and workmanship and extensively test each package both on the in house chassis dynos and on the drag strip and racetracks to ensure performance and reliability. Holding many records on the dyno and the track, HPF gives customers the confidence that their vehicle is in experienced and knowledgeable hands.

A Brief History

Ian Weightman had a dream of owning his own workshop for the majority of his childhood and in 1977 at the ripe age of 20, he opened Amberley Autos. Amberley Autos built a name for itself servicing cars for the Dandenong community and ran out of a few different workshops along Amberley Crescent. Seeing the benefit in chassis dynos for diagnostic purposes, Ian was one of the first people in Australia to own and operate a Dyno Dynamics Dyno. The application of dynos for performance modification and tuning became apparent very quickly and led to Amberley Autos earning a reputation for performance tuning and performance upgrades.

Fast forward a few years and you may have come across Rob Vickery at Amberley Autos. Rob was pushing the limits of street car modification with his then supercharged VS Commodore Ute and came to Amberley Autos for some tuning work. With the help of Ian and Marty at Amberley Autos Rob became the first to achieve 500rwhp at the Summernats Horsepower Heroes competition and the first to crack the magical 1000rwhp.

With these impressive feats Rob, who is a mechanic by trade, became somewhat of a guru in making big horsepower and was regularly providing advice and information to power hungry punters from around the country. With this in mind Rob and Ian recognised the opportunity for expanding the performance side of the Amberley Autos business, an agreement was made and the Horsepower Factory was born.

Ian retired for the comfortable life after many years of building up the business and sold it onto Rob to continue the HPF brand. Rob then set about expanding the scope of what sort of work HPF did and introduced our diesel tuning arm, Diesel Tune Australia and in doing so HPF now also does a lot of work on 4x4 and American Trucks.

Today HPF is one of the most recognised brands in performance upgrades and tuning. With two chassis dynos, 12 vehicle hoists housed in two buildings with a safe, massive off street car park, it is also one of the largest privately owned workshops in the country.