1. We love new cars.

You don't need to worry about your dealer statutory warranty when you have your car serviced at HPF as we guarantee our work will not affect your warranty.

2. We're part of the local community - just like you!

Amberley Autos has been a part of the Dandenong community for over 40 years, servicing generations of people and their vehicles.

3. Your convenience is a priority.

HPF offer a complimentary pick up and drop off service within the Dandenong area, alternatively loan vehicles are available for a very modest fee.

4. Get your car washed.

As part of every service HPF wash and vacuum your car, it may only be a small thing but it certainly beats queuing at the car wash on a weekend!

5. We've got nothing to hide!

A fully itemised invoice is provided with every job done at HPF and we can also keep the replaced parts on request.

6. No nasty surprises

We'll quote you up front on the work required, if anything else is found to be required we will contact you to discuss before adding any additional expense.

7. Your vehicle history

HPF maintain a state of the art specialised mechanical workshop software package that allows us to keep records of any work done to your vehicle. This information ensures that your vehicles is always up to date with scheduled work so you never have to do anything twice.

8. Nothing but the best for your car

HPF use quality Castrol lubricants and genuine or equivalent parts to ensure that your vehicle has the best protection and reliability in any conditions.

9. The most experienced team

Modern cars have a complex system of electronics built in that need specialised care, we have technicians that are specialists in engine management and electronics and have all the diagnostic and repair equipment available should it be required.

10. A facility we are very proud of

HPF are very proud of its workshops, spread across two building HPF have 12 vehicles hoists, two chassis dynamometers and a modern comfortable showroom.